Our team of senior TV executives, award-winning production experts and accomplished management gurus provide the highest level of one-to-one mentoring in the television business

TV Mentoring


Mentoring multiplies your brain-power, your success and your wealth. Our mentors provide infectious new inspiration and drive for industry leaders, creatives and newcomers.


Hiley provides a uniquely powerful service. Our top industry executives shortcut years of time-wasting and our range of services - from Last Thursdays to Project Doctor - are the most cost-efficent way to get professional help.

Knowledge is power. At Hiley, we fast-track careers by sharing high-level knowledge accumulated through years of experience in the most senior positions in television

Richard Woolfe

Channels & Indies Consultant, Hiley

Former head of Sky, Channel 5...

Richard Woolfe

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indie directors

Hiley helps indie director/shareholders increase their personal wealth by increasing their power and interest in the company, triggering profit growth and leading their co-directors toward a lucrative exit.



We empower people to grow their success. Our mentoring comes from actual experience of running and selling successful television businesses

Victoria Powell

Indies & Production Consultant at Hiley

Exited indie owner and producer

Victoria Powell
media training quote

If you want someone to handle the media, I can think of no-one better

Media Training

Forget traditional 'media training': we are the media! We train the heads of some of the most powerful organisations in the world and help major corporations to handle crisis. Our head of media training, Vernon Mann, spent 15yrs as an award-winning ITV News foreign-correspondent.

Sir Trevor McDonald

ITV News Anchor

Our team ranges from award-winning producers to senior commissioners to major broadcaster CEOs. Our expertise maximises the success of  TV projects, programme investments, commissions and distributions deals.

project Advice

Indie directors must motivate key creatives, persuade commissioners, build profit and maximise their long-term exit. Mentoring multiplies that performance

Professor Nigel MacLennan

Founder & Management Director, Hiley

Accomplished author, mentor, lecturer

professor Nigel MacLennan
last thursdays provide coaching on TV issues

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Last Thursdays

Your chance to meet the TV industry experts regarding any television-related issue. To find out more, and to reserve your place, please use the Contact Form.

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Mentoring is performed by our senior television-industry gurus. As well as supporting the careers and personal wealth strategies of senior television executives, we  also help suitably-talented TV presenters, TV hosts, actors and actresses, producers, factual writers and scriptwriters, editors and even people with showreels and TV ideas! However, because our work often involves using our senior relationships to promote people's careers, we can only help genuinely talented newcomers. As such, we reserve the right to refuse assistance if we think you don't have the required talent. If you are a TV presenter, TV host, actor or actress, or someone with a TV idea, please include a link to your showreel or TV treatment.The above-stated prices are subject to change at any time.

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