We help the directors & shareholders of independent TV production companies "indies"

to grow profitability, increase output and maximise shareholder wealth

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Hiley experts are accomplished, board-level, entrepreneurs who specialise in growing profitability. We provide the equivalent of a powerful team of non-execs without the cost or long-term commitment.

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Hiley experts provide a high-level, experienced, outside-perspective on your programme strategy, commissioning success, broadcaster-relationships, production/on-screen talent strategy, and more.

We help demystify the 'hit and miss' commissioning process, boosting the volume and profitability of commissions for indies

Richard Woolfe

Channels & Indies Consultant, Hiley

Former head of Sky, Channel 5, etc

Richard Woolfe


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Maximising the exit valuation of intangible assets like TV brands and programme rights is an entrepreneurial art, not a last-minute accounting job!  Hiley experts create bigger exits for indies than 'traditional advisors' could hope to achieve.

A successful exit is the ultimate aim of most indies. But the failure to plan or prepare for a sale until the last minute is a very expensive mistake

Victoria Powell

Indies & Production Consultant at Hiley

Exited indie owner and producer

Victoria Powell

The positive side of the television business is that a small increase in commissions can create huge increases in revenue. At Hiley, we help indie boards to see the fickle commissioning process differently; growing management's creativity and raising 'hit-rates' significantly.

Professor MacLennan is Indie Leadership Director at Hiley, author of over 50 publications, served as a Director of the Chartered Institute of Management, Professor of Management at the International University of Monaco and mentors some of the world's most successful leaders.

Professor Nigel MacLennan

Co-founder, author, mentor


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Concentrate on programme making, the profits will follow, right? Sadly, the road to a successful exit is rarely that simple! Hiley experts provide an experienced, 'hands-on' approach to maximising profitability across all key areas unique to indies.



After helping indies on TV deals, investments and exiting for nearly 20 years, I know that unlocking value is a highly specialist skill

Andrew Baker

Programmes Consultant at Hiley

Founded and sold Rights TV, etc

Andrew Baker

Hiley services are charged on an affordable time basis, tailored to the individual client’s needs. Discounts are available for contracts of six months or more. Hiley fees are conventionally a fraction of the benefit generated for TV businesses.

Packages are a powerful way to maximise the benefit whilst minimising the limited impact on cashflow. They’re designed for small companies and are available for businesses which meet the application criteria. All prices quoted are subject to any relevant taxes.

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Hiley TV's Last Thursdays are a partnership with indies which provide positive help to newcomers, instead of constant rejection. Get in touch for more...

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We can help with complex rights advice for indies, production company investment, programme distribution advice, TV programme investment, the creation of gold-standard business plans and other sale preparation work. However, in addition to indie inevestment, our gurus specialise in the rapid growth of profitability, boosting performance and shareholder value, particularly in the lead up to exit. As well providing investment advice and contacts (including high-net-worths, venture capital funds and others) our gurus also invest in television businesses and may be interested in your opportunity. The above-stated prices are subject to change at any time.

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