Hiley provide board-level advice on launching cable and satellite channels, increasing profitability, reducing costs and improving output to generate larger audiences

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Around half new broadcasters fail in their first year, making broadcasting one of the toughest businesses to crack! Hiley helps new and established channels to maximise their profitability whilst growing audience levels, creating stability and shareholder wealth.

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The high failure-rate makes launching a new channel a very high-risk venture. Hiley experts have run some of the UK's biggest and smallest channels. We help create higher quality output for less, and our relationships can secure lower-cost, higher-spec satellite packages.

We help channels to multiply their profitability, creativity and production values which audiences respond to in large numbers

Professor Nigel MacLennan

Founder & Management Director, Hiley

Accomplished author, mentor, lecturer

Professor Nigel MacLennan

My time as boss at Sky, Channel 5 and Living TV has given me a unique understanding of how programming, creative strategy, channel identity and brand work together to multiply a channel's performance and shareholder value

Richard Woolfe

Channels & Indies Consultant


Awards from BAFTA, the Royal Television Society, The Broadcast Awards, The Edinburgh International Television Festival and many others confirm Richard's place in television's 'hall of fame' as a pioneering industry leader. Beginning as the Producer of BBC's legendary 'That's Life', he went on to head Sky 1, 2 and 3, Channel 5 and Living TV, transforming them into award-winning innovators. He has commissioned, produced or exec produced many of television's biggest titles and is widely recognised as one of the industry's most influential figures.

Richard Woolfe
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boost profit

We specialise in improving output, reducing costs and growing revenues. Satellite capacity, production, programme acquisition, scheduling, EPG/playlist-creation/submission and playout costs can nearly always be reduced, without compromising quality.

We help you attract the best ideas and content from programme makers, and to maximise the value you can generate from it

Andrew Baker

Programmes Consultant at Hiley

Founded and sold Rights TV, etc

Andrew Baker

We 'health check' the business models of satellite and cable channels. Many small broadcasters obliviously qualify for grants or EU funding, miss opportunities to enter new markets and fail to exploit margin-boosting HR initiatives.

Simon Couth is a Channel Development Advisor at Hiley. His advising work includes mentoring through the respected Working Academy scheme for Creative Skillset. He has launched, built and sold a successful Sky channel, raised millions of pounds from grants and EU funding for the benefit of UK channels, and funded/conducted seven-figure channel-feasibility studies.

Simon Couth

Channel Development Advisor


simon couth
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boost output

We positively impact the look and feel of your channel, from on-screen presentation to commissioned/in-house programmes, multiplying production values and, ultimately, audiences.

Like any other industry, an improvement in leadership positively impacts projects and - therefore - businesses.

Victoria Powell

Indies & Production Consultant at Hiley

Award-winning prime-time producer

Victoria Powell

Hiley services are charged on an affordable time basis, tailored to the individual client’s needs. Discounts are available for contracts of six months or more. Hiley fees are conventionally a fraction of the benefit generated for TV businesses.

Packages are a powerful way to maximise the benefit whilst minimising the limited impact on cashflow. They’re designed for small companies and are available for businesses which meet the application criteria. All prices quoted are subject to any relevant taxes.

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Whether you're launching a new satellite channel, launching a cable channel or launching an online channel, our gurus will  save you significant sums of money, and help you create a better offering. Launching a channel is a complex process, often requiring channel investment and expensive feasibility tests, which we can advise on. Hiley TV helps Sky, Freeview, cable and online broadcasters. We dramatically simplify the complex process of running and launching a channel, reducing costs, helping to secure investment, growing revenue and creating commercial stability in a highly volatile industry. If you're launching a new channel, please get in touch at the earliest possible phase. The above-stated prices are subject to change at any time.

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